August 10, 2020

An Overview Of NASDAQ: IMRN, Immuron Limited

This is an Australian biopharmaceutical company that recently signed a research agreement with CISRO. This research aims to manufacture a new oral vaccine targeting Campylobacter.

About imrn

As mentioned above, Immuron Limited is a biopharmaceutical organization that concentrates on the investigation as well as the improvement of polyclonal antibodies which are immunomodulatory. They do this for the medication and deterrence of numerous illnesses with the help of its immunoglobulins present orally on its outlet based in Australia and globally.

The corporation works on knowing more about the hyperimmune segments as well as gaining constant growth in the process of developing various medications to enhance them. The company markets Travelan for the prevention of travelers’ diarrhea.

Their most awaited product

The NASDAQ: IMRNat have their most-awaited and famed commodity nominee IMM-124E that is in phase two of its trial. Many clinical trials are going to decide whether it will work efficiently on diseases like steatohepatitis for non-alcoholic people, hepatitis for severely alcohol-addicted people, and fatty liver issues in the case of non-alcoholic individuals. The organization is also on its way to develop another major product called IMM-529. It is a product at its clinic stage, made for treating clostridium infection that is still difficult.


They are also collaborating on research as well as collaboration with the Reed Army that is about the development of the vaccine of dysentery. The Army institute is one of their more prestigious collaborations.

Along with that collaboration, they are working on several other projects that will bring human health development to a new level. They are also collaborating with the Naval Medical Center of the US for researching and testing the degree of reactivity as well as how therapeutically effective will Travelen be against the dreadful Campylobacter and toxic Escherichia coli.


The statistics show that the stocks of NASDAQ: IMRN have decreased by 11.72% in the last five days. Due to the global pandemic, the situation of its stock since the last month isn’t too good. According to the statistics, the stock has declined by 24.48%.

The day range of Immuron is 6.45 to 6.70. It has about 4.46M outstanding shares. The market cap of these shares is approximately 31.02 million dollars. The average volume of NASDAQ: IMRN is 1.77 million dollars. In one year, the shares have increased by 100.68 percent. The market capitalization of their shares is 23.20 million dollars.

The annual sales stand at 1.71 million dollars. The price of their assets is at 13.57 dollars per share. You will need about 4.41 dollars for every single booking. Investing in their sales is up to you but these statistics will help you in coming to a beneficial decision. You can check more stock news for margin stock before investing in stocks.Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.