September 30, 2020

3 Tips to Renovating Your Charlottesville Home

Finally, you have the time and money to renovate your Charlottesville home. This might be a moment you have been waiting for, or you might just have realized that it’s time to switch things up. Either way, now what? A home improvement project means knowing what to execute and in what order, because sadly, nobody has time to do it all. Take these tips when starting your Charlottesville home renovation.

Start with what’s broken—and fix it

Fix what’s broken can be said for any home renovation, but especially if your home is a historic Charlottesville home. Are there broken pipes and cracked paint? Start with those problem areas. When you start with attacking things that are broken, the rest of the projects will fall into place. These small improvements will feel huge once executed. You may want to look for an expert in plumbing in Charlottesville to fix any plumbing issues in your house as well. Poor plumbing is a pain, and this will be an investment that is worth it. These small broken things aren’t as glamorous for you interior designers out there, but they are essential to creating your practical and functional dream home.

Make note of everything broken or damaged in the home and concentrate on one project at a time. You might want to hire a contractor depending on how extensive your list is. This list might feel overwhelming, but once it has been completed, you will have a clean slate of a home to instill all your design fantasies.

Focus on the rooms you spend the most time In

When thinking of the value of a house, many say the kitchen is where it’s at. This is mainly because so much time is spent cooking, cleaning, visiting, and living in the kitchen. So for a homeowner, the kitchen i the most important in home renovation. Wherever you spend the most time in your home, make it your priority when renovating. This way you can appreciate your hard work and the quality of your investment of time and money.

What do you feel will add the most benefits? Think about your list of dream home qualities. Maybe this means a window seat in your living room. If you want to start in your living room, think about comfort and usability. Start by sketching the best layout and measurements for everything. Take the time to plan out a whole room before executing. This will ensure the best and most calculated results. Start with this first room and execute fully before moving on to the next room or project. You would rather have a full finished room and the rest of the house as a project instead of a bunch of half-finished projects!

Don’t neglect the exterior

You might be someone who cares more about the interior look and functionality, because that is where you spend the most time. Still, the exterior can complete the look of your Charlottesville home. For the best results in your home renovation project, you will want to address interior and exterior of your home. You can always hire gardeners and painters to work on the exterior if need be. The first step is deciding what you want your home to convey. A good way to have a great exterior is having amazing plants and trees. This will significantly increase the curb appeal of your home. It also is just nice to look out the window and admire your own view!


Good luck in renovating your Charlottesville home with these helpful tips in mind.