September 30, 2020

Different Types of Roller Shutters and Various Applications

When planning on installing a roller shutter for your house or business space, there are lots of actors that you need to put into considerations to determine the best shutters for you. There are numerous choices out there, all of which are made to help you achieve different goals. Roller shutters come with a rag of benefits to your home and office such as light regulation, enhancing privacy, and security, not to mention that they are great temperature regulators.

Mostly, business premises install roller shutters to enhance the convenience and protect their properties while residents install them in the main entrances, garages, and house windows and doors. Regardless of the reason or where you intend to install yours, it is recommendable that you get to understand the various types of roller shutter before deciding on which one is best for you.

Let’s have a look at the different types of roller shutter to make your shopping or search for the right one easier and manageable.

Built-in and built-on door shutter

In the case of built-on, the roller shutter box is installed to the exterior of the building façade. The built-in window roller shutters, on the other hand, are fixed into the lintel above the windows.

Security shutter

Security roller shutters have become prevalent, especially in homes and are mostly used to protect the windows and doors from any disasters such as storm and hurricane. They are an excellent solution if you are looking to secure your home since other than letting in more natural light to your house; they are an excellent investment when it comes to securing your home. Some entail enhanced security features like an alarm to keep you alert at all times.

Window shutters

These shutters are the most commonly used among most businesses and homes. They come in different styles and design with each of them offering their own benefits. One of the main reasons why they are preferred is their capacity to provide privacy. You should invest in these if you are looking for a way to get some relaxed and private time and prevent the outsiders from snooping into whichever business you could be doing, so maintain your bedroom privacy from the brand of your queen sized bed frame to your latest outfit.

Manual shutters

As the name suggests, these kinds of roller shutters are operated manually. They come with a gear drive that connects the shutter via the house façade to the room’s joint. You can manage it using a winding handle while others have a tape drive that you can operate using a pulley to roll it on the side of the room.

Electric shutters

These shutters are fitted with a tubular motor within the roller. You can also operate it automatically by using an automatic system.

Pull and pull shutters

Pull and push shutters are operated manually, and one of the main reasons why they are loved is their durability. They are super efficient, easy to operate, and require minimum maintenance. Their primary purpose is to offer security, and they are the ideal choice for garages, stores, warehouses, and shops.

With this guide, you are now at a better position to choose the roller shutters that will fit your exact needs.