August 10, 2020

Moving to Brisbane? Tips for New Arrivals

Brisbane is one of the most favoured destinations for both foreign and Australian people, and while many take a holiday in this amazing city, there are those who decide to relocate, and who could blame them? A sub-tropical climate and surrounded by the gorgeous State of Queensland, Brisbane is the third most populous city in Australia, and whether you are an expat or a local, you would be hard pushed to find a city with as much to offer as Brisbane.

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Forget your Cold Weather Clothing

You can give most of it away to a charity, as you won’t be needing it where you are going, and for many expats, Brisbane is the Australian city of choice, thanks to the favourable climate. It rarely drops below 20°C, and has only ever once experienced sub-zero temperatures, and it is the least seasonal state in Australia, having a stable temperate climate all year round.

Finding a Home

Brisbane has a fast moving real estate market, and in order to find the property that best suits your needs, enlist the services of River City Conveyancing, who happen to be the leading company that everyone likes to work with. Obviously, you will need to seek mortgage approval before looking at potential properties, as buyers will not take you seriously otherwise, and with a good conveyancing lawyer in your corner, you can make an offer and negotiate, in what is a buyer’s market.

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Excellent Amenities

Brisbane is geared up for growing families, with a range of exceptional schools from kindergarten to high school, and there are some great universities established in this city that is steeped in history. All kinds of water sports are catered for, and if golf is your thing, there are some challenging courses to tackle. If you enjoy the outdoor life, Brisbane is the place for you, and with Gold Coast not far away, you have some great holiday venues. There is an interesting blog by an expat family who relocated to Brisbane, and it makes for interesting reading, and gives you a rundown on restaurant pieces, sports availability and the education opportunities.

Key Industries

Brisbane is a very prosperous city, with the following sectors represented:

  • Finance
  • Health
  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Heal & Well-Being

Finding work in Brisbane is relatively easy when compared to some large cities, and if you are planning to relocate, that might be due to a career shift, and there’s no better place to spend 3 or 4 years than this stunning part of Australia. If you are skilled, get in touch with a relevant recruitment agency, who would be able to source employment in Brisbane. There are a lot of retired couples who choose Brisbane as their base, as the quality of life is hard to beat.

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If you have your heart set on moving to Brisbane, take your time looking at properties, and with the help of an experienced conveyancing lawyer, you will soon have the keys to your new home and can explore Brisbane and all its wonders!