August 10, 2020

What should be done after kitchen fire?

Kitchen fire lit up due to many reasons, it may be someone’s fault or faulty appliances. But even small kitchen fire may cause chaos, stress and lot of restoration and cleanup process. This leaves behind burned structure, smoke, soot, foul odor, residue on the surface of walls, ceiling, counter tops and floor.

Kitchen is a place where fire, oil, and other flammables are used and available and most of the fires originate here, making devastating damage always. You should try to control the fire when it is small otherwise if left to rage, it can burn your belongings and house completely. Then the damage becomes very large like collapsing structure, melted plastic objects, charred wooden doors and windows and burnt electrical appliances.

Your safety should be your first and foremost priority to evacuate the burning premises with your family immediately. You should never try to save your valuable belongings or ornaments. Instead you must call your local fire department to come quickly and extinguish the fire to prevent it from spreading to other areas of building.

This is why you need to act immediately to control fire at initial stage to minimize the loss, stress and of course the expenses. Kitchen is the main and most used area in the house. You need to clean up, repair, restore and recover from a kitchen fire quickly for complete elimination of smoke, soot residue and odor. For this purpose, you need to call a professional contractor, who has suitable tools, experience and skills to handle the restoration efficiently, safely and quickly, of your kitchen.

It is only after evaluation of fire damage; the professional can tell the cost and time needed to repair. You may enter the kitchen after it is safe and start making the list of the damage before cleanup process. Call your insurance company to evaluate the damage for later claim.

When technicians from fire restoration companies arrive, they look for the source of fire to prevent gas leaks and seal any holes and gaps that are undermining the integrity of the building. They use sensing equipment to make assessment of how much your property has been affected and to which extent. Then they will be able to make a plan of action and give you the estimate of restoration cost.

Now the technicians start the recovery process, which includes many procedures. Cleaning up and removing the debris, water and unsalvageable items is the first step. Soot contaminated drinking water and edibles must be thrown away. Sometimes all items from kitchen need to be removed such as carpets, wooden cabinets, furniture, curtains and fittings.

Water is removed from floor by using pumps and then dried properly. Once the debris are removed and disposed of, the cleaning the surface from soot residue. Smoke odor is removed from anything that they have touched. Cleaners are used with scrubbers and other tools and products. After soot residues are removed and everything is cleaned, repairing, repainting and reconstruction is done. Reinstallation of internal structure, fixtures and cabinets are done to complete the restoration of kitchen.