September 30, 2020

7 Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

Selling a home is a long and exhausting task. It involves listing, repairing, meeting potential buyers, going through the closing process and lastly, moving into a new home. Everything feels risky and uncertain right from the beginning and the sellers usually have to make hard decisions. Moreover, sellers constantly fret over avoiding any mistakes that could lead to lowered price for your property. It is important to make a home selling plan before listing your property for sale. There are many experienced realtors in Myrtle Beach who you can consult for listing price suggestions. The whole idea is to take the necessary steps before jumping on to seeking a buyer. It is fair to expect the most money you can possibly get for your home, but make sure to avoid the most common home selling mistakes in the process.

Read through this article to learn about the 7 home selling mistakes to avoid:

1. Unrealistic Pricing

The value of your home might be priceless to you, and due to the emotional attachment, you might be setting an unrealistic price for your home. This is a common mistake that many home sellers make. Just remember that the sentimental value of a property does not increase its market value. All buyers have a price range; if your property is overpriced, it will most probably not even show up in their searches. However, this doesn’t mean that you set the price too low. You can contact qualified real estate agents in Myrtle Beach to set up a realistic price for your property.

2. Substandard Listing Pictures

Your house’s listing pictures are of great importance for a first impression. Even if your home is far better than other options on the listing searches, if you have not taken good photographs of your property, prospective buyers will probably move on to other options. Make sure you take pictures of all the rooms with different angles. The house must be clean and well lit. On the other hand, you can also hire a professional photographer to take photos that make your place look appealing to the buyers.

3. Hiring Inexperienced Realtors

It is important to hire professional and qualified real estate agents when you plan to sell your house. Experienced realtors can guide you through every step of selling your home and can help you avoid other mistakes on this list. After your home has been listed, you have to sell it off immediately. If your property stays on the list, it will devalue. Interview a few experienced agents, check their credentials and ask their previous customers about reviews. Hiring a bad real estate agent that does not have your interest in mind can lead to a very frustrating selling experience.

4. Neglecting Repairs and Renovation

Your house should be appealing and presentable. Most home sellers neglect or completely skip out this part of the selling process. Hence, if your home needs repair and renovation, then make sure to do so, even if it costs a lot. Repairs and renovations will increase the value of your property. Even petty things like a crack in the flooring or peeled off paint can create a negative impression on the potential buyer. Make the house spick and span before putting it up for listing. A clean and well maintained house gives a very good impression. A cluttered and smelly home scares off potential buyers. Make sure to declutter and organize your place before listing it.

5. Domineering Your Estate Agent

Another mistake that many home sellers make is that they start bossing their real estate agent. You should play a part in deciding the marketing plan of your house but make sure to let them do their job. Discuss their commissions, selling costs and marketing strategies with them, trust their plan and value their advice too.

6. Covering Up Problems with the Property

You might get away with covering up problems and being dishonest with buyers during the showings, but once the buyer gets interested, dishonesty can greatly harm your sale plan. If the buyer notices a problem with the property that you have been dishonest about, they will start suspecting other cover ups. Potential buyers are always open to minor problems but not dishonesty. If you are caught covering up and lying, potential customers can sue you in future. You should prepare beforehand and negotiate minor problems with the property. Just remember that you have to be honest about all the problems.

7. Expecting Offers above Market Value

Home sellers often ignore early buyers as they are always hoping for a higher offer. But the truth is, it is very unlikely that you will get an offer above the market value of your property. Sellers often get the best offers in the first few weeks of the listing. Delaying the sale means your property will stay on the listing for a longer time and this will eventually devalue your property. Set an appropriate price of your estate, put it on the listing and be prepared for a determined decision when the offers start coming in. You can also arrange an auction to be sure that you settle on the highest offer for your house.

Every home seller wants to have stress free and smooth selling experience. By avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes in home selling, the whole selling process not only becomes easier but also a lot quicker.