July 5, 2020

Come to us when you are serious about selling your property in Malta!

Wait, selling property in Malta?! “Why would anyone want to sell property in Malta of all places?”  If you are like most people, this would be a natural reaction and question for you to have because after all, ‘isn’t Malta like in the boondocks?’  Well according to the latest news coming out of the world’s top newspapers and magazines, this is not the case. Furthermore, according to these sources, Malta is fast emerging as a fast-growing and strategic economic place in the world. It is based on this fact that many people indeed have Malta property for sale!

Who are we and why are we the best when selling property in Malta?

We are REMAX/Malta Real Estate and you want to choose our company, services, and realtors/real estate agents/brokers when you are serious about selling property in Malta. The reason why is because our agents are experts in terms of pricing your property at the right pricing point which will ensure that your property stays on the market for the fewest number of days possible. Our agents realize that an overvalued property stays on the market for much longer than it needs to.

This is an obvious source of frustration for you, but it also often results in you paying extra (and unnecessary) costs associated with keeping your property in good enough condition to continue to remain attractive to potential home buyers. This can include yard upkeep, house cleaning costs, and other additional expenses. No one wants this, certainly not you!  This is why our agents and brokers work in a special program which allows them to work with you to arrive at a pricing point for your property which both you and the buyer will be happy with. It really reflects the true worth and equity of the property which you are trying to sell (to potential buyers).

Since buyers view an average of 10 properties online before contacting a seller, first impressions matter. Our agents and brokers realize this and they will work with you to arrive at the most attractive pricing point for your property. They will also work with you to include only those images in your online selling profile which will make your house look the most attractive and therefore the most desirable for buyers. Our agents and brokers will also work with you to craft the perfect marketing plan, strategy, and campaign which will ensure that your property will be sold in the shortest amount of time possible. Now doesn’t knowing all of this just bring a smile to your face?

How do our agents and brokers arrive at the perfect pricing point for your property?

The answer is simple, they rely on their many years of experience and knowledge to help them pinpoint the exact pricing point range for your property. They then consult extensive RE MAX databases which provide them with detailed information which allows them to do a comparative property analysis on properties similar to yours. Once they are armed with this information, insight, and analytical information, they are able to zero in on the perfect pricing point for your property. They then list your property online at this exact pricing point. All you have to do is wait for the offers to flood into your inbox and pick the one you like the best!

Selling your property is a cinch with REMAX

Now that you know how easy it is to sell your property with one of REMAX agents or brokers, why don’t you give them a call when it’s time to list and sell your property on the market?