August 10, 2020

Properties in Costa Rica

Located on a bridge-like terrain that connects North And South America; Costa Rica is geographically gifted when it comes to biodiversity. With thousands of miles of protected, untouched reserves and coastlines; Costa Rica easily contains one of the richest wildlife atmospheres on the Planet. 

After over 25 years in the business we understand real estate in Costa Rica. During that time we have been able to amass a great deal of knowledge in order to better serve our clients in pursuit of their dream of exploring real estate for sale in Costa Rica and the options available to them. We know that the choice to purchase real estate in a foreign country presents it’s own unique challenges however we specialize in all facets of helping people just like yourself, in their purchase of real estate here. As veterans of the real estate market in Costa Rica, we’ve accumulated a wide breadth of valuable resources including real estate attorneys, notaries, architects, developers and engineers to name a few.

With our dedicated, proven and trustworthy team we have the largest MLS database in the country. Whether you are looking for real estate in Guanacaste, San Jose, Cartago, Puntarenas, Alajuela, Heredia or the Caribbean, we have you covered with our friendly and knowledgeable real estate agents.

Many North Americans, Canadians, and Europeans have opted to invest and retire in Costa Rica. Its stable democracy is over 100 years old and there is no standing army. Our peaceful eco-lifestyle, wonderful climate, exceptional schools, top quality Costa Rican healthcare system, and of course premium real estate create a prime destination for savvy investors and retirees.

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Whether you’re looking for your dream retirement home or a second beach getaway, we can help you identify the perfect property to match your needs. Next, our team will work tirelessly to negotiate the best price with any current owners. From start to finish, we guide you through the entire process of purchasing Real Estate in Tamarindo, Costa Rica with the utmost care, transparency and attention.

Houses for sale in Costa Rica – Costa Rica is a wonderful country with some amazing places to visit, but Tamarindo stands out as one of the top towns when it comes to owning real estate in Central America. Just 45 minutes from Liberia’s International Airport, Tamarindo offers miles of untouched coastline, plus easy access to modern services, amenities and entertainment. Imagine yourself escaping here, indulging in the land of“pura vida” – Visit us today and learn how Coldwell Banker, the leaders in Tamarindo, Costa Rica real estate, can help make your dreams become reality.

Costa Rica is noted for ecotourism and a great place to see exotic birds, sloths, monkeys and amazing rain forests.  The government has gone to great lengths to protect the environment in Costa Rica.  Ensuring that real estate development is done with regards to the environment has helped to preserve the beauty and nature that everyone wants to come and see.  This piece is about the steps necessary to undertake development.  I’ve posted it to show the depth of work that it takes to do good development and why there are so few that have stayed in business. 

Many developers who thought it was easy have since gone out of business when bank financing was not sufficient to keep them in business long enough to get through this bureacracy to complete the developments they’d started.  The fact that we are debt free and don’t rely on borrowed money is a great part of our success.  The time and expense to complete all of these steps is onerous. This piece helps understand how expensive it is to do fully permitted development, meeting all the environmental and municipal standards that are in place to insure that developers are not harming the environment nor building shoddy developments that will burden the municipality down the road.