How to Keep Your AirBnB Safe and Clean

There are a few steps to take in order to keep your AirBnB safe and clean. These include using COVID-19 safety practices, sanitizing after cleaning and having a 24-hour buffer between your guests and your host.

COVID-19 safety practices

Airbnb has rolled out its “Enhanced Cleaning Initiative,” based on CDC guidance. The initiative involves close to 1.5 million host listings who voluntarily committed to following enhanced cleaning standards.

Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Initiative is a part of their response to the coronavirus pandemic. Hosts who agree to follow the 5-step cleaning process will receive a badge on their listing.

These measures include the use of high-temperature washing methods, disinfection of all high-touch surfaces and window curtains, and the ventilation of rooms. In addition, the protocol also includes a room-by-room checklist and physical distance requirements, including wearing masks and announcing plans for large gatherings.

Additionally, hosts are encouraged to follow all local and national health and safety regulations. They are not eligible for payouts if a guest cancels. And they may also be subject to suspensions, warnings and account deletion.

If an Airbnb host fails to comply with the Enhanced Cleaning Initiative, the company will reprimand them with a block on their calendar. That can also affect future bookings.

Cleaning protocols

If you’re an Airbnb host, you’re probably aware that Airbnb has introduced a new program that will require you to clean your listings to high standards. These rules are designed to protect guests and communities. This new cleaning protocol has been developed with the help of leading experts in hospitality, health, and medical hygiene.

You’ll be given a five-step cleaning process to follow. Upon completion, you’ll receive a special callout on your listing. Then, you’ll need to pass a quiz and sign an attestation of your commitment to cleaning your listing to meet the program’s standards.

During the last couple of months, more and more hosts are committing to the program. The company said that more than 1.5 million listings have joined the program since June.

The enhanced cleaning process includes a number of steps, such as washing linens and disinfecting high-touch areas. In addition, hosts are required to follow a list of approved products. They also must use masks while interacting with guests.

Sanitize with disinfectant after cleaning

Airbnb has developed an Enhanced Cleaning Protocol to help keep your properties free of germs. Designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the enhanced cleaning protocol is part of a series of safety practices that are a must for any Airbnb host.

Hosts can sign up for the Enhanced Clean program by logging into their account. Once signed up, they will be given a guide on how to implement the protocol, and a checklist to follow. Guests will be able to see which hosts are participating in the enhanced cleaning initiative in the listing’s search results.

Hosts should follow local health authority guidelines to ensure that their listings are in compliance with the enhanced cleaning protocol. If their listings do not meet the standards, they could be suspended or removed from the site.

The Enhanced Clean process is comprised of five steps. These include sanitizing, cleaning, social distancing, and using the proper equipment. Each of these steps are important to maintaining a clean property.

24-hour buffer between guests

Airbnb, a short-term rental service that connects travelers with hosts, has announced a plan to implement enhanced cleaning protocols. This program is intended to ensure the safety of its guests.

In May, the company will start to roll out Enhanced Cleaning Initiative, which will include new guidelines for hosts. These are based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Ecolab, the company that produces cleaning products.

The CDC recommends that guests stay away from enclosed spaces for several hours after they leave. It also recommends disinfecting all surfaces with a specific disinfectant chemicals known to kill the COVID-19 virus.

Airbnb has previously announced that it will begin offering a relief fund for hosts affected by the coronavirus pandemic. They have also started to implement changes to their cancellation policy.

After the pandemic, many vacation rental providers were hit hard, as guests were canceled on a regular basis. To help reduce the chances of catching COVID-19 infections, Airbnb will institute a 24-hour buffer between guests.