The Best Laundry Organization Tips

There are many ways to organize your laundry. One of the most effective ways is by decanting essentials. Then, use clear, labeled storage bins to keep everything in its place. You can also use baskets and trays to keep the folding area neat and free of clutter. These tips can help you make the most of your laundry space. Also, you can organize your space above the washer with open shelving and labeled storage containers.

25 best laundry room organization ideas

Laundry rooms are among the most cluttered areas of the house. They collect piles of dirty laundry, dryer sheets, detergent pods, and more, taking up valuable space needed for folding and putting away. But with the right organization ideas, you can turn this room into a clutter-free space. From installing a laundry closet to relocating the room, here are some tips to get started.

Use storage bins and baskets with labeled tags. You can also use see-through plastic bins and simple storage cubes. You can even use decorative wicker baskets or trendy wire bins. Now, your laundry room can look as beautiful as the rest of your home.

You should also organize the cleaning supplies in your laundry room. One way to make this task easier is to install hooks on walls. You can also use command hooks or shelving units. If your laundry room is small, consider installing a tabletop. This can double as a folding surface. In addition, corner spaces are often wasted, so utilizing these spaces with shelving units can help you maximize space.

Using pegboards is another effective way to organize laundry room supplies. Pegboards can store an ironing board, a drying rack, and baskets for detergent or other cleaning supplies.

Single shelf or tabletop over washer and dryer

A single shelf or tabletop above your washer and dryer is a great place to keep your laundry supplies. It can hold detergent, stain remover, and other laundry essentials. A simple shelf can be made from 1×10 and 1×3 boards. If your laundry room is in the basement, you may need to add access to the dryer exhaust.

Another great place to install a shelf is behind the washer and dryer. Some models of washing machines have a gap between them, which you can use to store extra laundry supplies. Alternatively, you can install a long storage shelf above the washer or behind a top-loader dryer. These storage options will help corral your clutter and cabinetry.

You can also install pedestal drawers underneath the washer and dryer. These drawers can store detergent, stain removers, dryer sheets, and dryer balls. They also have pull-out shelves for more laundry essentials. This is a great space-saving idea for any laundry room. It also helps you keep your laundry off the floor. It also makes sorting the laundry easier.

Glass containers for liquid detergents

One of the best laundry organization tips for liquid detergents is to buy glass containers. These containers are airtight, durable, and easy to clean. Plus, glass doesn’t absorb any scent or ingredients from the detergent. Additionally, the glass container allows you to scoop out the amount you need with ease. Look for a tightly fitting lid, too.

Another laundry organization tip involves getting rid of packaging. Instead of keeping boxes for your laundry detergent, get rid of them and use clear plastic containers to store them instead. Not only will this look nice, but it will also keep spills to a minimum. You can also use these containers to store extra detergents.

If you have a liquid detergent, you can buy it in bulk from a store. Some US stores even provide filling stations for your liquid detergents. Label each bottle so that you don’t mix up different types. You can also purchase weatherproof labels or ink from Amazon.

Keeping liquid detergents in an airtight container is an essential tip for laundry organization. Detergents are highly sensitive to heat, and they can clump if not kept at a temperature between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius. Leaving them unprotected can lead to health hazards, as bacteria and other microorganisms can transfer to your clothes. If you have children, you should always ensure that you put a child lock on the bottles. The lock should click to prevent accidental opening.

Creating a peaceful laundry room

Choosing a color scheme that is calming is a great way to make a laundry room feel zen. Choose shades that are not too bright or too dark. You can go for shades of blue or green that are soft and soothing. You can also add artwork or accent pieces to the room.

Adding natural light is an excellent way to create a peaceful atmosphere. Place decorative pieces near the windows to enhance their presence. Also, use mirrors to reflect light from the windows. These are an inexpensive and easy way to add some extra light to your laundry room. If you have a small laundry room, you can place mirrors or other pieces of art around the windows to make them appear larger.

Another option for storing your laundry necessities is to use clear jars. This will provide a more pleasing look and contrast to the shelves. Clear jars also give your laundry room a more organized appearance.

Using baskets

Using baskets for laundry organization is an easy way to organize your laundry. Rather than trying to keep all your laundry in a hamper, you can stack baskets and make them look like a drawer or shelf. This will keep all of your dirty clothes out of sight. Rolling laundry hampers are particularly handy and can be carried easily from room to room. You can also purchase stackable laundry baskets for extra storage.

One great option for laundry organization is the Bretoes laundry organizer. This simple, freestanding unit comes with three different size storage baskets. These can be placed side by side or stacked one on top of another. The design is sleek and simple and would make an excellent weekend project. You can even use baskets to store items other than laundry! As long as you’re able to place them correctly, using baskets for laundry organization is an affordable and practical solution.

A good alternative to plastic baskets is a wire basket. These baskets can be customized or painted to match your interior decor. Dark wood is also a great choice if you’re looking for a more industrial look. You can even add fabric liners for extra protection.

Adding rails

If you have limited wall space in your laundry room, you can consider adding a ceiling rail. These rails will not only allow you to hang your clothes, but also keep your dry cleaning items and extra hangers organized. You can also hang a dry erase board, so you don’t need to worry about your clothes getting damaged. You can place a magnetic cup on the top of the rail and keep your eraser and dry erase markers right next to it.

Using open shelving

Open shelving can be a great space-saving option for laundry room storage. Instead of a traditional laundry hamper, open shelving units allow you to easily add extra hanging space for folded clothes. Open shelves can also serve as storage units for detergent bottles and extra hangers. Having more storage space in a small room means that your space is more orderly.

When implementing open shelving, choose a depth that is appropriate for the items that will be stored. The depth should be 12 inches for a small item such as laundry detergent, while 16 inches is recommended for a large storage bin or basket. Typically, open shelving is used for laundry detergent, fabric softener, and stain remover, although decorative items can be added as well. These additions add personality to your laundry shelves.

Open shelving in a laundry room is a practical decor choice because it allows quick access to frequently used items. In addition to the open look of open shelving, the horizontal lines of the shelving create a soothing atmosphere. You can install open shelves in one section of your laundry room, near the washing machine, or above the dryer. In addition to open shelving, you can also add baskets to help organize your clothes and other items.