Things to Do in Traverse City, Michigan

If you love outdoor activities, you’ll love the area near Traverse City, Michigan. The area has everything from towering dunes to rolling hills and white pine forests. You can also explore the many trout streams. The best way to enjoy the natural scenery is on foot, and you can find many trails nearby.

Great Lakes Children’s Museum

The Great Lakes Children’s Museum in Travers City, Michigan is an excellent educational experience for kids of all ages. Here, little ones learn about the Great Lakes and the water table. They also learn about water conservation and the importance of clean water. The museum also features hands-on activities and an outdoor playground.

The Great Lakes Children’s Museum opened in 1998, and its mission is to provide a hands-on learning environment for children. All the exhibits are interactive and designed for kids to explore. This museum is a great place to take your child if you want to make learning fun and memorable for the whole family. Parking is available nearby.

The Great Lakes Children’s Museum has exhibits for infants and toddlers, as well as those for school-age children. There are many hands-on activities, including Let’s Go Sailing, which teaches the basics of sailing. The Lilliputian Puppet Theater, which features rotating puppet shows, is another interactive attraction that kids will love. Other exhibits include Guardians of the Great Lakes and Building Bridges.

For the younger kids, the museum also has a toddler area and an activity room for birthday parties. The museum has many interactive exhibits that encourage imaginative play, including the Life Cycle of a Cherry exhibit. There is also a periscope and a water table. There is also a small gift shop.

Taproot Cider House

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy local hard ciders and local food, Taproot Cider House is a great option. The tavern serves food, local hard ciders, and local cocktails. The food is prepared by local chefs and is locally sourced.

The bar itself is decorated with taproot themes throughout the bar and building. Above the bar, a taproot hangs down, and the light fixtures feature roots coming out of the ceiling. The taproot theme extends to the furniture. The interior features copper number plates and taproot-style glassware.

Located near Front Street, Taproot Cider House has large windows that overlook the city. It’s also pet-friendly and offers plenty of outdoor seating. The menu includes several items from the farm-to-table movement. You can start with Blue Corn Nachos, which are topped with local pork, a housemade cherry BBQ sauce, and avocado sour cream. You can also try the Paradise Acres micro-salad or the Whitefish Tacos, which are stuffed with seasoned local whitefish and served with organic cabbage slaw and local cheddar.

This cider house has a rustic charm. The interior is decorated with art and local products. The ceiling has apple tree taproots hanging from the ceiling, and there are three of Jen’s own ciders to choose from. The tables are custom-made from white and red pine slabs. The tables were crafted by local carpenter Chad Smith and metal sculptor Alex Brydges of Fly Ash Forge.

TC Flyboard

Flyboarding is an exciting water sport that combines the power of water with the maneuverability of a skateboard and a wakeboard. Those interested in taking up the sport can visit TC Flyboard to learn the technique. This activity is not for the faint of heart. There are some safety precautions that need to be taken to ensure your safety. Here are a few of them:

The Flyboard Academy in Traverse City offers lessons for novice and experienced boarders. You can rent a board for twenty minutes, or you can opt for a full hour. The rental costs are reasonable: about $100 for 20 minutes. For the full hour, the cost is $225.

Guests can also sample the area’s many wines at Left Foot Charley, an award-winning winery that works with local growers to produce quality wine. The restaurant’s menu features a unique blend of local and organic flavors. Some of the local favorites include the Taproot Root Salad, which features local and organic roasted root vegetables, baby kale, local and organic apples, and chevre. Visitors can also sample a selection of cheeses and other foods at the restaurant.

Visitors can also experience the sights at Mission Point Lighthouse, which is about 19 miles away from the city. It is a popular tourist destination that attracts visitors from all over the world. The city also hosts several major festivals throughout the year, including the Traverse City Film Festival. During the fall season, the area is a popular destination for leaf peepers.

TC Beach Bums baseball team

The TC Beach Bums baseball team began the season with a 3-3 record. The team’s first three games were against the Kalamazoo Kings. They won their next five games and were in the running for the Western Division title. However, they finished third in the division and missed the playoffs.

The team has a devoted following of fans. Each year, the team draws approximately 200k visitors to their games. These fans are a mix of locals, tourists, and other regional baseball enthusiasts. The players are also hosted by many local families. Chaplain Nick Twomee of Bay Pointe Community Church is the team’s spiritual leader.

In the 2006 season, the Beach Bums set an attendance record and were named the Frontier League Organization of the Year. After the season, manager Jeff Isom was recruited by the Milwaukee Brewers to manage the Helena Brewers of the Pioneer League. The team’s broadcaster Chad Cooper was hired by the Vero Beach Devil Rays to work for affiliated baseball in 2007.

The TC Beach Bums baseball team in the state of Michigan plays in a semi-professional baseball league called the Frontier League. The team is based in Traverse City, Michigan, and plays its home games at Wuerfel Park. They have an average of over 200,000 fans each season, and are among the top independent baseball teams. The team is in its tenth season and will play 51 games this year.

Mission Point Lighthouse

Mission Point Lighthouse is a historic landmark located on the Old Mission Point peninsula jutting into Grand Traverse Bay, approximately 17 miles north of Traverse City, Michigan. It was built in 1870 and stands atop Old Mission Point. The lighthouse was built after a similar structure, the Mama Juda Light, was built in 1866 on the Detroit River.

Old Mission Point Lighthouse is located at 20500 Center Road on Old Mission Point, which is 17 miles north of Traverse City. This historic building dates back to 1870 and guides vessels through the West Grand Traverse Bay. It was first lit on September 10, 1870. The historic landmark is adjacent to the Hessler Log House.

The lighthouse is currently open to the public. The historic structure is comprised of one-and-a-half story frame dwelling with a square tower protruding from the lakeward gable. The lantern room is about 35 feet above the ground and is located at the center of the tower. The lighthouse’s unique location allows it to give a stunning view of the Bay.

Mission Point Lighthouse in Traverse City, MI is a historic landmark and offers a fascinating museum tour of the lighthouse. The museum contains information on the life of lighthouse keepers and other workers who worked around the lighthouse. Visitors can explore the first floor of the lighthouse for free, while the second floor can be accessed for a small fee. Once you’re there, don’t miss the chance to take the staircase up to the top for an awesome view of the bay.