Three Examples of Songs About Sickness

If you are looking for some songs about sickness, there are plenty to choose from. Here are three examples: ‘Sick Again’ by Radiohead, ‘Sickness’ by Van Morrison, and ‘Sick As A Dog’ by Steven Tyler.

Radiohead’s ‘Sick Again’

‘Sick Again’ is an excellent example of Radiohead’s unmistakable sonic style, which is a perfect blend of synth and heavy metal. This record is one of the band’s most experimental to date, but it’s not without a few highlights. First off, there’s the amazing stuttering electronic-rock number “Where I End and You Begin.” This eerie song is an extension of the band’s past experiments. In a way, it’s an anthem for the 21st century. Thom Yorke’s resentment of the Bush/Blair administration may also have led to the song, which could be a foreshadowing of Radiohead’s dark future.

Another song from the album is “Follow Me Around,” which was billed as a major inclusion for the re-release of the album. Fans of the band would have been thrilled to hear it on the re-release. This song was featured in a pivotal scene in the movie ‘Meeting People Is Easy’.

The band has been churning out similar music since the mid-’80s. The band’s members include bassist Colin Greenwood and guitarist Ed O’Brien. The band’s ascent has been documented in rapturous music press coverage, and their previous albums have been characterized by electronic sounds and Bush-baiting lyrics.

‘Sick Again’ is a remarkable album. Thom Yorke’s lyrics evoke the feeling of a child running through a hallway. The hall is dark, and the child could be dead. As he runs, a fog billows from the sewers.

The album’s debut, ‘Kid A’, was not a global hit. It was only a modest hit in Israel and on alt-rock radio in the United States, but it announced the band’s entry into the mainstream. After that, ‘Sick Again’ was released to a rapturous response.

Radiohead has also reportedly suffered a series of head pains and even started wearing protective headphones while performing. To avoid repetitive strain injury, they also strapped a splint to their right hand. Then, in May, Thom Yorke had a breakdown and had to be restrained from performing.

Despite these shortcomings, ‘Sick Again’ has a great deal of potential. This album is full of memorable songs. Some of the most popular songs are ‘Panama Honey’ and ‘Anyone Can Play Guitar’. The latter two are essentially the same song, but they both have their own unique appeal.

Lara Fabian’s ‘Je Suis Malade’

Je Suis Malade is a song about a mother and a son who are angry about their situation. It is a French folk song that has been adapted by many artists over the years, but Lara Fabian’s version from 1994 is one of the most well-known versions from the modern era. The song’s lyrics are in both French and English.

Steven Tyler’s ‘Sick As A Dog’

Aerosmith’s ‘Sick As A Dog,’ which has a duration of four minutes and twelve seconds, was released on their album Rocks. Known for its heavy riffs, this song is a classic. Tyler is one of the most talented rock singer/screamers of all time, and the lyrics of the song are very intense and raw. The band’s lyrics are also controversial, with themes like drugs, fame, and sex.

The album’s lead singer has been vocalist and leader of the band for over 50 years, so his opinions are based on his years of experience. He’s also a well-versed vocalist, and is known to push the band in a new direction when necessary.